Thursday, March 9, 2017

Starting a Succulent Collection or Obsession


Alright! This can be tricky. Especially if your obsession has gotten over you. I say, relax. Take it easy. Because this obsession can take a toll on your beloved succulents. 

Caring for succulents isn't difficult nor easy at the same time. You have to back out a little. You cannot be too caring. #killthemwithkindness

I would suggest, to watch a lot of videos and read blogs. Below are the videos which I learned a lot from  when I started. These summarizes most of the processes.

Succulent 101 of course!
credits to Garden Answer youtube channel
My key take-aways?
  • select a container that has a hole in the bottom - anything with a drainage hole
  • pick a healthy succulent - I even pick those that already produce pups, that way, I have a chance of not killing all of them. 
  • replanting or repotting - using the right soil mix, it will work well with the left-overs from the roots that it has been used to growing and will adjust well with its new home. 
  • troubleshooting 
    • puckering or also known as wrinkling - it needs watering.
    • translucence or soggy - overwatering
  • bugs - remove them with a q-tip dipped in isophropyl alcohol.
  • grooming - keeps them happy!
Just to add on the troubleshooting, you will know that your plant isn't getting enough like if it's etiolated or leaves are spreading out and starts to get leggy. You need to start the pruning and propagation process when this happens. Please see reference videos below:
credits to: Jordan Rosendale youtube channel

credits to: Laura Eubanks youtube channel

- it really helped seeing how they do it! 
My key take-aways?
  • mimic the weather in the desert - dry most of the time, heavy rains during rest. 

- below are series of videos where you will find step by step process of taking care of the plants being propagated. It is a series, you guys! You have to know how to treat each process. 
  • from freshly cut leaves or cuttings. 
  • when they start to root
  • when new rosettes appear
  • when they detach from the mother plant or leaf

credits to Jordan Rosendale

credits to Jordan Rosendale

If you wish to watch more video about each part of the process, you can also watch below:

After watching all above, you should be ready to start collecting! 

I hope you let me know of your progress, I'd be happy to see pictures. 

Let me know if you have any comment, suggestions, questions or violent reactions. Kindly leave them in the comment section below.

Good luck guys!

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